Ongoing Projects


1. Family Counselling Centre

FCC is a ongoing project since 1991. The objective of FCC is to provide counseling services to the family members facing with the problems arising out of social, economical, psychological areas.  Premarital Counselling services are also being provided. Referral services to Short Stay Home, Drug De-addiction Centre and Govt. line Department through convergence are also provided as per the case.


2. Swadhar Greh ( Short Stay Home For Women and Girls)

The Swadhar Greh / Short Stay Home  was established in the year 1991 at Tirupati.  The purpose of establishing SSH is to provide immediate relief, psychological support and assistance to the women in difficult circumstances.  Most of the inmates are unwed mothers, victims of family discard, and women victims of domestic violence and girl children facing sexual abuse.



1. Manovikas Special School For MR Children 

The objective is to provide health, education, counseling, therapy, life skills education for all-round development of mild, moderate, severe mentally retarded children.  The children were admitted to the school, as per their IQ and need of the child assessed by the experts (Clinical Psychologists, Social workers therapists,  doctors, and other service providers).


2. Slum Child Development 

To provide Food and Nutrition, Safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, Education support and recreation AND Health Care – services, facilities, support to the slum children, pregnant women and other slum disadvantaged people



1. Old Age Homes

Under  the assistance of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. The Organisation is running Old Age Homes at Savatapali (Chukkavaripalli cross Road) and Kammapalle, R.C.Puram Mandal, Chittoor District.  In each home 25 Aged (60+ Age) Men and Women who are Widows, Widower, neglected, disadvantaged, socio-economically backward are admitted and developed their  Case studies.


2. Mobile Medicare Unit For The Aged People

The Mobile Medicare Unit for the aged was started in the year 1994. The purpose of Aged Welfare MMU is to provide medical services which include diagnosis, treatment, therapy and referrals to Govt. Hospitals for advanced treatment. The beneficiaries covered are poor rural old aged people living in remote villages who doesn’t have quick access for medical aid.



1. Drug De-Addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre

The objective of the scheme is to provide preventive and rehabilitate services for the Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Bhang, Ganja, Brown Sugar, IDU’s, other substance abusers in Tirupati and covering all neighbouring mandals in chittoor district of A.P.  As per the needs assessment the drug abusers issues, problems, available services, require services, the strategy to work and expected outcome results are identified & planned.


2. HIV/AIDS  FSW TI  Prevention Project  TIRUPATI & CHITTOOR

Starte d in 2004 and providing outreach services which include information, Education and Communication (IEC), Behavioural Change Communications (BCC), Condom promotion (CP), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Clinical services, Networking & Linkages, Advocacy, capacity building, Community Based Organisation (CBO)  Management and referral to ICTC, ART, DOT, CCC services covering High Risk Population Female Sex workers (FSW),in Tirupati & Chittoor (9 Mandals), Andhra Pradesh, India.