Chittoor and Neighboring districts

  • Providing all relief, rehabilitation, disaster preparedness, disaster management to the affected children and slum population

  • HIV/AIDS – Care and Support (Balasahyoga Project) Covering 40 Mandals – 2500 HIV / AIDS infected & affected families and children in Chittoor Dist.

  • Covering all the district rural, urban, tribal population for Family, Drug Abuse, counseling and rehabilitation centers and disabled welfare programmes.

Neighboring States: Extend the support & services to cover the beneficiary substance, Abuse clients, Family Counselling, Street Children, HIV/AIDS infected & affected, Migrant cases from Tamilnadu & Karnataka states. Covering support services to the beneficiary who covered under PASS welfare, Development & issue-based projects.

Category of population covered

  • Deserted, Neglected, Separated, Exploited, Disadvantaged, Migrant, Vulnerable, High risk Stigmatised, People in difficult circumstances, WOMEN, CHILDREN, YOUTH, AGED, DISABLED, HIV/AIDS infected, affected, Substance Abusers from (Rural, Urban, Tribal).