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People's Action for Social Service

Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, No.83, dated 28.02.1990.

Registered under FCRA No.01040109 dated 22.01.1992

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Welfare Programmes for Deprived Sections of the Society

People´s Action for Social Service (PASS) is an Non-Government Organization, based in Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. PASS has been working for empowerment ofthe disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable groups of the society, in areas of economic, leadership, social, educational, psychological and health development, over the last 23 years.

Success Stories

Over the last 19 years we have been able to deliver quality based developmental services to beneficiaries ranging from street children to the aged. We have developed a team of trained, experience and motivated staff, ready for challenging work. Visit our map below and get the latest highlights from our programmes.



Restoring Miles of Trails


Restoring Scenic Viewing Areas
- Olmsted Point, 2006


The Campaign for Pass 2005


Expanded Junior Ranger Center
at Happy Isles, 2009

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People's Action for Social Service
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