Women Development

1. Family Counselling Centre (FCC) 

FCC is an ongoing project since 1991. The objective of FCC is to provide counseling services to the family members facing with the problems arising out of social, economical, psychological areas.  Premarital Counselling services are also being provided.  Referral services to Short Stay Home, Drug De-addiction Centre and Govt. line Department through convergence are also provided as per the case.  The FCC covering Tirupati and surrounding mandals, the population of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh.  Two experienced counselors and two administrative staff are managing the Centre.

With the help of the Central Social Welfare Board.  The FCC is running in Tirupati and covering the target group in surrounding mandals of Tirupati.  The objective of the programme is to provide counseling, Mentoring and other rehabilitate support to the families of marital, marital –mal-adjustment, neglected, deserted, separated women.  The experts of Family Counsellors are creating awareness, sensitization education to the outreached families/women and solve their problems by the reunion, reconciliation, repatriation, and rehabilitation.  Also established the rapport/network / Linkages with Government, private, NGOs, service providers of officials, non-officials for solving the women problems and for effective rehabilitation through our FCC services.

During the period 2018-19 PASS – FCC has provided its services to 430 No. of clients.  The CSWB – Dept. of Women and Child Development Govt. of India is supporting this project.

PASS – Family Counselling Centre (FCC) under CSWB

Plot No.47A, TUDA Plots, Rayal Nagar, R.C.Road, Tirupati – 517501, Chittoor District, A.P. INDIA

Ph: 0877 2246505, Fax: 0877 2260531


Website: www.passindia.org


2. SWADHAR GREH (Short Stay Home for Women and Girls)

The Swadhar Greh / Short Stay Home  was established in the year 1991 at Tirupati.  The purpose of establishing SSH is to provide immediate relief, psychological support and assistance to the women in difficult circumstances.  Most of the inmates are unwed mothers, victims of family discard, and women victims of domestic violence and girl children facing sexual abuse.  The home can support 30 women at a time.  The direct services provided in SSH are free food, shelter and security.  The support services include counseling, health checkups, and reunion with family, vocational training and referral services for job placement in different sectors.

Apart from SWADGAR GREH services the Organisation is providing shelter, food, recreation, maintenance, skill building, health, treatment and other empowering, rehabilitation services to the neglected, deserted, separated, harassment, atrocities, domestic violence, widows, HIV/AIDS infected & affected, trafficking women, Girls, unwedded mothers, psychological problem cases with the expert team of social workers.  Also giving life skills education, self employment and income generation training to the women & girls.  Providing all the need based support & services to the women & girls with integrated services in 2018-19,  98 members  women & girls   were benefited.  The CSWB is extending the support to implement the Swadhar Greh.

PASS – SWADHAR GREH (Women and Girls Project)  under CSWB

Plot No.47 Ground Floor , TUDA Plots, Rayal Nagar, R.C.Road,Tirupati – 517501, Chittoor District, A.P. INDIA

Ph: 0877 2246505, Fax: 0877 2260531


Website: www.passindia.org