1. Manovikas, Special School for MR Children

The objective is to provide health, education, counseling, therapy, life skills education for all round development of mild, moderate, severe mentally retarded children.  The children were admitted in the school, as per their IQ and need of the child assessed by the experts (Clinical Psychologists, Social workers therapists,  doctors and other service providers). The Special Teachers, Yoga Therapists and other stakeholders help & guidance we are providing all the need based services for their enhancement of life skills, self help skills, providing food, shelter, clothing, rehabilitation, education, therapy and other needful services.  In each year 70 to 100 M.R.Children are getting benefits.  Service  in 2019-20  – 75 M.R Children were benefited.   The organization is taking all steps to mainstreaming reintegration the children with the support of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.

As per the need, demand the service we are planning to expand our services to reach the unreached by mobilizing additional resources from Govt. and other philanthropists.

PASS – “MANOVIKAS” Special School for Intellectual Disabled Children (DDRS)

Adyathmika Kshethram premises Krishnasai Nagar, Avilala Panchayat Tirupati Rural Mandal, Chittoor District, A.P. India

Ph: 0877 2240262, Fax: 0877 2260531


2. Slum Child Development

Slum Child Development Project – Labera Foundation

To provide Food and Nutrition, Safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, Education support and recreation AND Health Care – services, facilities, support to the slum children, pregnant women and other slum disadvantaged people
Slum Children (6-12 Years), Pregnant women and slum dwellers socio-economically disadvantaged.
Malnutrition, Anemia Health, Water & Sanitation, Educational problems & issues of Slum Children Lactate & Pregnant women and disadvantaged slum people
Outreach, Behaviour change communication, providing Supplementing Nutrition, Health Awareness, Counselling, Treatment & Therapy, creation of Water & sanitation infrastructure, providing slum children need-based service & support.
Project Director, Project Manager, Project Co-ordinator Outreach Support Person, Outreach Workers, Volunteers, and community volunteers
Providing Supplementing Nutrition to 350 Children, health services to pregnant women(100 women) and other Health, Water & Sanitation, Educational Other need-based services to 1000 slum children apart from other slum dwellers (60 slums in TIRUPATI, RENIGUNTA, CHITTOOR)
Planning to expand the services to unreached slum children, Women and other disadvantaged.
D.No.23-8-173/1A,   Plot No.190, New Balaji Colony, AIR Bypass Road, SVU Post, Tirupati -517502, Chittoor District. Andhra Pradesh, India
Initiated the new project Established the network & linkages with external stakeholders.
Children – 350;   Pregnant women: 50
Planning to strengthen the existing systems, mobilize additional resources to strengthen & sustain the project.

Impact Report

  1. To enhance the capacities in English – Listening, Speech.
  2. To provide English Learning skills.
  3. To increase the performance in English Language.
  1. English Listening, Speech, Reading, writing Lecture & Exercises by Tuition Teacher.
  2. Students Competitions & Exercises
  3. Oral and Written Tests
  1. Trained 75 Children in 3 Centre’s
  2. Covered planned syllabus in English
  3. Observed their English performance
  4. Reduce the children competing stigma in using in English
Impact Assessment
  1. Through Interaction written and speaking exercise we assessed the impact
  2. Overcome their stigma & complexity in expressing
  3. Learnt the speaking, listening, writing skills.
  4. Increased their participation English classes.